Monday, November 12, 2012

Well, it's new to you

I managed to list a few things on Etsy recently that have been waiting patiently in boxes for several months now. Fortunately for you, pottery doesn't go bad. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New layout, new website

I've just redone my blog layout quite a bit to be more cohesive with my new artist website I have been learning to make in my digital media class. I miss all of the color, but now it's a bit more streamlined, more professional perhaps, and plenty of color will always come with the work. :)
I've been using Cargo Collective to build my website, and it's been working out wonderfully. I would definitely recommend it. And unless you choose to upgrade, it's free to use.

Check mine out here: Lori ellen Phillips,  or by clicking the link over there on the right of the page.

I've decided to use my middle name since there is already a Lori  Phillips ceramics artist with a website, who'da thunk?! She is not me, in case anyone ever found her site and thought it was me. But she does wonderful work. You can view her work at
There is also, which is an accomplished opera singer. Also, not me of course. So hopefully by using my middle name, when I have a chance to purchase my own domain name, loriellenphillips won't be taken.
I'll try to upload some pics of new works in progress soon. Grad school keeps me pretty busy!