Saturday, October 1, 2011

Regular posts coming soon!

Just a quickie post to say school is going great and I will have new things for Etsy very soon. :) I also have a new computer now (a laptop, finally!) and don't have to share the boy's anymore, so keeping up with everything should go much more smoothly. I need to get pics of my studio space and new work, etc.. Stay tuned!

Monday, July 18, 2011

All Settled

So the boy and I headed down here to Irving Texas (just a sneeze outside of Dallas) last Monday/Tuesday, and we are pretty well settled in at this point. Only a few small messes to straighten up, some walls to paint (I already have my colors ready to go!) and some art to hang. When it's completely finished I'll have pics to post, before and after. When I look at the mess of the before pics now, I can't believe what a mess this place was. We could barely walk around. Now with everything in it's place there's actually a good amount of space in this one bedroom apartment! And we LOVE it here! We are literally right around the corner from absolutely everything. A ridiculous abundance of  restaurants and stores and a huge mall. Soooo much stuff we didn't have in Richmond Kentucky. And if we drive into Dallas (not quite brave enough yet, haha) there's galleries and the museum, a huuuuge three story mall (if we ever have money) and so on and so on. Or if we just wanna stay around home we are right next to one of our complexes three pools. :D We've been utilizing that as often as possible, haha.
I know when school starts up at the end of August, and when we get some part time jobs we will be really busy, but we're gonna freakin love it. 
Pics soon!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Week Away

Yesterday was Seth and I's last day as jewelers for Tiffany's. It has been by far the best job I've ever had, and I will miss it, and my coworkers a great deal. But now I get to move on to even bigger and better things for myself. It's time to start packing and head from Kentucky to Dallas. :)

No I'm not going to a Cowboys game, don't ask.
We have a great little apartment already waiting for us just 6 miles from campus (oh man, the gas money we will save compared to driving 60 miles a day!) and both of us get to start work on our MFA doing what we love. And it's a full ride for both of us, well over $40,000 a piece, paid for. A year ago today I would have never seen this coming. *heart aspload*
I'm going to miss my good friends so much, but as for Kentucky, I can not wait to get out of here. Neither one of us can.
Time to purge and box up this apartment!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's getting closer!

I can't wait to move out of here and into a new city and a new apartment with mah doodman. I have yet to be nervous. I'm looking forward to making our new place a cozy, colorful, and interesting space to call home.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Putting my work on Flickr again

So just like I had previously abandoned this blog, I had also abandoned my Flickr account. So I've started adding my sculptural ceramics to it today. I'll probably wait until I can get a pro account there (probably Friday) before I upload everything because of the photo limits for free accounts, but I added one work today.

(Click link for a much better quality view)

This piece was made Winter '09 - '10 For a show put together by me and some close fellow ceramists called Adaptation. They were displayed in the Irvington House Museum in Richmond Kentucky in the spring of 2010.
I don't have exact measurements but it is apx. 18 or 20 inches tall x apx. 10 or 12 inches wide for piece number 1, and just slightly smaller for piece number 2.
Cone 6 oxidation

There are many detail shots in my Flickr account. 


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big changes, for the better

Things are about to change for me in very awesome ways. In the past few months that I've been too busy/lazy to properly update this thing, things have been absolutely awesome with Seth, my doodman. (8 months as of this month, woo!)  :) We went to school together as undergrads and are lucky enough to both get to work as jewelers for Tiffany's right now, and we will both be starting school as grad students this fall at the University of Dallas in Irving Texas. This means we'll be moving across the country in a little more than a month! We have an apartment set up already and everything (and I get to paint the walls! No more white!). We are both so excited and so ready to get the hell out of Kentucky. He's going for sculpture, and I'm going for ceramics (of course). How freakin great is that, to have both gotten into the same school?! And it's a full scholorship for both of us. He has a blog also but never updates. Maybe if you go visit it, it will encourage him:
So since I'll soon be a student again and will have my hands in clay all day long again, I'm hoping this will once again give me time for Etsy, and will also give me lots of new and great things to post about here. Right now it's just been work, eat, home, work, eat,  home. Both of my Etsy's are in vacation mode until I can get started in clay again. You will see more of me soon, I promise! <3

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cynthia Cusick

So my awesometastic dear friend Cindi has been blogging pretty regularly (and you should all 'follow' her :D ), and I didn't even know about it until a few days ago. She's a fellow ceramist but also works in other media and has started an Etsy called Tea Horse Studio and has some great things up for Valentines day.

Double heart gourd badge with gold rim

She cuts these from gourds she grows on her farm and burns and dyes the images onto them. She has several more listed but these two are my favorites. :)

She also does amazing fine art that you can see and read about on her website,

Also, if you have a Face Book, you can "like" her fan page here: Cynthia Cusick on FB.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Reckless abandonment of my blog

Oh abandoned readers! Having a full time day job (which I really really love by the way) really makes it hard to keep up with this and Etsy, but It's a goal for the new year. Allow me to make it up to you with new pretties you can find in my shop. :)