Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big changes, for the better

Things are about to change for me in very awesome ways. In the past few months that I've been too busy/lazy to properly update this thing, things have been absolutely awesome with Seth, my doodman. (8 months as of this month, woo!)  :) We went to school together as undergrads and are lucky enough to both get to work as jewelers for Tiffany's right now, and we will both be starting school as grad students this fall at the University of Dallas in Irving Texas. This means we'll be moving across the country in a little more than a month! We have an apartment set up already and everything (and I get to paint the walls! No more white!). We are both so excited and so ready to get the hell out of Kentucky. He's going for sculpture, and I'm going for ceramics (of course). How freakin great is that, to have both gotten into the same school?! And it's a full scholorship for both of us. He has a blog also but never updates. Maybe if you go visit it, it will encourage him:
So since I'll soon be a student again and will have my hands in clay all day long again, I'm hoping this will once again give me time for Etsy, and will also give me lots of new and great things to post about here. Right now it's just been work, eat, home, work, eat,  home. Both of my Etsy's are in vacation mode until I can get started in clay again. You will see more of me soon, I promise! <3


  1. Wow, great updates! Seems like you both have been very fortunate! Good luck and have fun!

  2. Yeah, thanks! I'm motivated to update regularly again now that so much is going on too.

  3. I love a good trade! Looking forward to it down the line. It does make you excited to get a jump on things when you know you're gonna have a bunch of time to create in the future.