Sunday, June 12, 2011

Putting my work on Flickr again

So just like I had previously abandoned this blog, I had also abandoned my Flickr account. So I've started adding my sculptural ceramics to it today. I'll probably wait until I can get a pro account there (probably Friday) before I upload everything because of the photo limits for free accounts, but I added one work today.

(Click link for a much better quality view)

This piece was made Winter '09 - '10 For a show put together by me and some close fellow ceramists called Adaptation. They were displayed in the Irvington House Museum in Richmond Kentucky in the spring of 2010.
I don't have exact measurements but it is apx. 18 or 20 inches tall x apx. 10 or 12 inches wide for piece number 1, and just slightly smaller for piece number 2.
Cone 6 oxidation

There are many detail shots in my Flickr account. 


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